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Saturday, March 12, 2011

java certification training

As someone seeking work in the IT and software industry, there is much hype and pressure to learn and become expert in the java language. In the software industry, there is no actual programming license which means that virtually anyone can pick up a few books or tutorials and claim to be proficient. In light of this, to protect prospective employers, the industry recognizes certification, which shows that someone has been willing to undertake additional training and pass arduous and exacting examinations. Sun Microsystems has become established as a leader in IT technology training and outlined a number of paths to certification in java, depending on your objectives. This article seeks to  shed light on the sun java certification process by outlining what can be expected when preparing for the exams and some food for thought on what certification actually means.
Sitting for the Sun Certified exams is no walk in the park. It is strongly advised that a course of preparation is embarked on before attempting an exam. The java language is still fairly new and thus the need to distinguish oneself from a beginner. The Sun Java Certified programmer is approriate for existing commercial programmers with post secondary education and a minimum of 6 months experience in java. As the pool of professionals with this certification is still relatively low, many attribute attaining certification with heightening employment opportunity and renumeration.
There is a small fee involved with taking each of the exams, which is non refundabe. This provides further incentive for studying. The exam itself is multiple choice which may prove to be deceptive in indicating the ease of success. The questions sometimes require the selection of all the applicable responses and none of the incorrect ones. There are often small nuances that must be recognized and you need a thorough understanding of the language to choose correctly. Sun Microsystems provides training in all pathways from programmer, to the more advanced developer and java architect. There are numerous books, course, and online and offline study guides available with practice exams for preparation. There is no doubt that those who practice the language daily and take the opportunity to use a study guide or course along with a background in using the language, will have a much easier and less stressful time passing the exam the first time around. Bear in mind, you can take the exam an unlimited number of times in order to pass.
Once you have successfully become certified as a programmer, you can choose to go on and take the Sun Certified Java Developer. Here the range of topics covered in the exam is wider and you must  demonstrate mastery at a more complex level. Before taking the exam, it is necessary to successfully complete a practical assignment where you are given a set of programming requirements and must create a system using them. This component demonstrates a higher level of understanding and application of the java language.
It is widely acknowledged that attaining sun java certification shows a high level of competency. Yet, there are those that are justifiably critical of the certification process in general and Sun Java Certification in particular. Some believe the certification process is more useful as a diagnostic tool than a measure of aptitude or potential. The  Sun Java programmer exam, for example, by emphasizing syntax may leave one open to gaps in knowledge and understanding. Some believe the tests are still too straightforward and do not encourage ongoing professional development. There is simply too much emphasis on  doing what it takes to pass rather than focusing on how one can consistently attain new levels of education. Community managed certification tracks such as Java Blackbelt may provide an alternative long term view to professional development.
Whether you choose to use Sun Microsystem's path to java certification or go with some other third party, it is a major decision and undertaking. Doing so will go a long way to showing your dedication to becoming highly skilled and competent. The Java domain is still seen as difficult and thus certification is a significant credential and an industry measure of technical excellence. Your persistence, dedication and professionalism will determine how far this takes you.


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