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Sunday, March 6, 2011

What is java

Today i will discuss what is java in synchronization  and how it is implemented, and it is important?

what is java in synchronization?

The Java programming language provides two basic synchronization idioms: synchronized methods and synchronized statements.
To make a method synchronized, simply add the synchronized keyword to its declaration:

public class SynchronizedCounter
private int c = 0;
public synchronized void increment()
public synchronized void decrement()
public synchronized int value()
return c;

If count is an instance of SynchronizedCounter, then making these methods synchronized has two effects:

* First, it is not possible for two invocations of synchronized methods on the same object to interleave. When one thread is executing a synchronized method for an object, all other threads that invoke synchronized methods for the same object block (suspend execution) until the first thread is done with the object.
* Second, when a synchronized method exits, it automatically establishes a happens-before relationship with any subsequent invocation of a synchronized method for the same object. This guarantees that changes to the state of the object are visible to all threads.


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